All available conference session slides and video recordings are linked to below. Please note that some sessions do not have slides or video recordings.

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2014 Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Git: From Start to Finish – Justin Elliott, Scott Gallagher (Slides)
  • More Shell Scripting Than Necessary – Jay Hoff, Rusty Myers (Slides)

2014 Conference Sessions

  • Conference Welcome – Rusty Myers, Scott Gallagher MacAdmins 2014 Welcome
  • Git For System Admins – Justin Elliott (Slides, Video)
  • Systems Deployment with Blast Image Config – Justin Elliott (Slides, Video)
  • Case Study: Thin-Imaging Macs Using IBM Endpoint Manager – Jim Blau (Slides, Video)
  • BYOD – The end of mobile device management? – J David Hester (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Digital Media and Xsan, Five Years Later – Asa Kelley (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Packet Sniffing for Admins – Yoann Gini (Slides, Video)
  • Citizens of the World: Macs in Windows Serve Environments – Luis Giraldo (Slides, Video)
  • Load Balancing for Humans – Vanessa White (Slides, Video)
  • PlexConnect Your Classrooms – Damien Barrett, William Sites (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • The One Button Studio App and Sandboxing – Justin Miller, Sherwin Saul (Slides, Video)
  • Replacing Dual Boots With Virtual Desktops in Managed Macs – Ross Shaffer, Andrew Uchenick (Slides, Video)
  • Migrating from the PC to a Mac: it’s not as scary as users think – Adam Gerstein (Slides, Video)
  • Modular Image Creation – Anthony Reimer (Slides, Video)
  • Over the Hill or Just Over Tech? Staying Viable in your IT Career – Pam Lefkowitz (Slides, Video)
  • Scripting For Better Package Deployment: How to tame 3rd party updates – Tom Burgin (Slides, Video Part 1Video Part 2)
  • Multi Tenanted Munki with Puppet and Sal – Graham Gilbert (Slides, Video)
  • iOS Security Decoded – Dave Test (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Mac Administration: The Fundamentals – Brian Meehan, Dennis Wurster (Slides, Video)
  • Surviving as a Solo Sysadmin – Tom Bridge (Slides, Video)
  • Performance Automation with Munki – Matt Hansen, Joshua D. Miller (Slides, Video)
  • SUStenance via Resposado (and Friends) – Allister Banks (Slides, Video)
  • Unix: Working the Command Line in OS X – Russell Poucher (Slides, Video)
  • You Oughta Check Out AutoPkg – Greg Neagle (Slides, Video Coming Soon)
  • DeployStudio: Advanced Workflows and Discussions – Nathan Felton (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • UNC Wide Casper Suite Services – Everette Allen, Kevin Snook (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Going MAD: From closed-in-box to ready to rock, using Munki, AutoPkg and DeployStudio – Steve Yuroff (Slides, Video)
  • Shell Building Blocks – Peter Bukowinski (Slides, Video)
  • Managing Mavericks’ FileVault 2 with fdesetup – Rich Trouton (Slides, Video)
  • Where MDM on iOS Leaves Off: Its not the be all end all so you have to plan – Marc Grayson (Slides, Video)
  • Automate Yourself Out of a Job – Graham Gilbert (Slides, Video)
  • Hey! Where’s My Mac?!? – Adam Girardi (Slides, Video)
  • Proper Care and Feeding of Your IT Professional – Jim Rispin (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Baremetal VSphere Mac Minis – Vanessa White (Slides, Video)
  • What the heck is wrong with my server?!? – Josh Malone (Slides, Video)
  • Vagrant up! – Scott P. Gallagher (Slides, Video)
  • Building an Effective Software Deployment Process Using IBM Endpoint Manager – Jon Tyndall (Slides, Video Unavailable)
  • Teaching 1:1 Responsibility – Damien Barrett, William Stites (Slides, Video)
  • iBeacon in Education – Tim Perfitt (Slides Unavailable, Video)
  • Manage Third Party Applications with Profiles – William Smith (Slides, Video)
  • iOS Deployment: A State Institution’s Steps to Embracing Mobile Devices and BYOD  using MDM – Benjamin Dadson, Cody Toy (Slides, Video)
  • SNMP Monitoring – The Sequel – Manuel Deschambault (Slides, Video)
  • Extending OS X Management Systems with Scripting – Jeremy Reichman, Rich Trouton (Slides, Video)
  • Mirror – Leveraging AirPlay Across Enterprise Networks – Ben Brautigam, Jason Heffner (Slides, Video)
  • Shipping Containers with Docker – Scott P. Gallagher (Slides, Video)
  • Advancing From The Help Desk to Admin – Brandan Lutz (Slides, Video)
  • Beyond Thunderdome: Managing OS X without OS X – Pepijn Bruienne (Slides, Video)
  • Security: Your Friend SSL – Sam Keeley (Slides, Video Coming Soon)

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