Sponsors – Frequently Asked Questions

What demographics can you share from your previous conferences?

  • The MacAdmins Conference regularly draws new and previous attendees with an average of 40% attending for the first time. Attendees mainly self identify as representing Higher Education (~ 35%), Corporations (~20%), and K-12 (~15%). Government, Healthcare, and SMB are also represented roughly equally. The majority of attendees also self identity as holding Systems Administrator (~56%) and User Support (~42%) positions. We also have a strong representation of IT Managers (~20~) and a good percentage of Director or Senior Leaders (~12%).

What are your projected counts for this year’s conference?

  • We are anticipating roughly 600 attendees.

When will my company logo be on your website?

  • Once we receive your sponsorship payment and company images we will post them on our main conference website.

When will we receive our two registration discount and hotel codes?

  • Once we receive your sponsorship payment we will contact you with your discount codes and instructions on how to register for the conference. Once you register the confirmation email will contain the hotel discount codes.

Can I add additional people to attend the conference, beyond the two that are included in our sponsorship?

  • Yes, they may register as a standard conference attendee at the current registration price. Sponsorship registrations are not transferable.

Will our registrations include workshop selections?

  • The Sponsorship package does not include workshop selections. Sponsor should select “I will not be attending a Workshop” during registration.

When is my session? Where is my session? 

  • If your sponsorship package included one, we will contact you with the details of your session. The limited number of sponsorship sessions are first to come, first served. The full conference schedule can be found at https://psumac2019.sched.com and will be finalized once all sessions have been selected and scheduled.

How do I submit my sponsor session information?

Why do I need to fill out this speaker paperwork?

  • The forms are required by Penn State University policy.

How are session times allocated? Can I get a better time than what we were assigned?

  • We fill in the session slots based on the order that we receive sponsorship payments.

If I have a sponsor session, what is the A/V setup for the session rooms?

Will I have internet access during my session?

Will my session be recorded?

  • Sponsors with session slots will be recorded and published to our YouTube channel. Sponsors may also opt-out of the session recording.

Do you need a copy or review my slides?

  • No. The slides for your sponsorship session are at your discretion. Keep in mind that attendees will want to hear about your product and services and might appreciate more technical overviews rather than just “sales pitches.”

Where can I ship our marketing materials for the conference, and what’s the delivery date deadline?

  • Please ship your materials and ensure that they arrive no later than Friday, July 7 to the address below:
    • The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
    • 215 Innovation Blvd.
    • State College, PA 16803

How can we ship packages from the Penn Stater?

  • After packing shipping approved boxes, label them, and bring them to the Conference Concierge window (next to the MacAdmins conference registration desk).
    • For UPS: No need to call for a pickup, we will get them to our loading dock.
    • For FedEx: Please call for a pick up at The Penn Stater Conference Center, 215 Innovation Boulevard, State College, PA 16803.

Where is the agenda for the conference schedule?

  • The full conference schedule is hosted on Sched here: https://psumac2019.sched.com
  • Sponsor table set up time starts on Tuesday, July 9 from 1 – 5 pm. You can also set up on Wednesday morning starting at 6:45 am.
  • Sponsor table breakdown time is Friday, July 12 by 1:30 pm. The conference officially ends at 1:15 pm on Friday, July 12.

What days and times do we need to be at our sponsor tables?

  • We recommend (but not require) that you have at least one company rep at your sponsorship table from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday. These are the times that we will announce to attendees that our sponsors will be available at their tables.

What are the details on setting up our sponsorship table?

  • The table’s dimensions are 6′ x 2′.
  • The tables will be located in the main hallway in the middle of the conference center where all attendees must walk through to get to the sessions and dining events.
  • Power and WiFi will be provided at each sponsor table location.

Where will the sponsor tables be located in the Penn Stater Conference Center?

  • The tables will be located in the main conference hallway on the first floor. They are in the blue sections of this floor plan image (click to enlarge):


Can I we get a list of attendees with contact info following the event?

  • We will be sharing an anonymized list of the attendees’ affiliations (company/org/edu, etc.) only. No specific email address will be disclosed.

Can we ask attendees for their contact information or business cards at our sponsor table?

  • Yes! We understand the value of business relationships.

Can we do a drawing for attendees?

  • Yes! We will be holding each sponsor’s drawing during Thursday’s dinner on July 12 starting at 5:30 pm.
  • We will call up each sponsor that has a drawing to the stage who will then draw the winner from their collected entries and announce the winner of their swag items then.
  • The winner of your drawing does not need to be present to receive their gift. If the winner is not present it will be the responsibility of the sponsor to ship the item to the winner.