Call for Proposals: Topic Suggestions

Conference sessions and workshop can be anything related to the management and deployment of macOS, iOS, and IT related topics. Below are some session and workshop suggestions. If you are not sure about a topic, ask a mentor in the #psumac-mentors channel on the MacAdmins Slack or feel free to contact us.

Apple Technologies

  • Apple School Manager / Apple Business Manager
  • Device Enrollment (DEP)
  • Volume Purchase Program / Apps and Books
  • Apple File System
  • Secure Boot
  • Apple Configurator
  • FileVault

Device and Application Management

  • MDM changes with macOS and iOS
  • MDM basics: What is it? Why do we need it?
  • Selecting and deploying an MDM for your organization
  • Workflows and/or Customizations
  • Moving beyond Apple Configurator
  • Configuration profile tips and tricks
  • EMM/MDM products – Open source vs proprietary
  • Remote Management
  • Application Configuration


  • Securing macOS and/or iOS
  • Latest security challenges with macOS
  • Security best practices with policy
  • Pros and cons with various security methods
  • Identity Management and Single Sign On
  • Two/Multi factor authentication
  • Encryption
  • Detection and Remediation Techniques

Deployment and Patch Management

  • Deployment changes with macOS and iOS
  • Deploying large payloads
  • Self-service onboarding for Apple devices
  • Integrating with Directory Services
  • Imaging
  • Hardware deployment in various environments (small, large, enterprise, etc)
  • How to patch macOS and/or iOS effectively
  • Deployment and Management Products – Munki, Jamf, AirWatch, etc

Configuration Management Tools

  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Salt sack
  • Ruby
  • OSQuery

Troubleshooting and Tool-sets

  • macOS Logging
  • Command-line Tools
  • What management tools are in the toolbox
  • Troubleshooting workflows

Going Deeper – Deep Dives

  • Console
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Process discovery, meanings, and functions
  • macOS kernel knowledge
  • Reverse Engineering

Programming and Development

  • Xcode development for systems administrators
  • Picking the right tool for automating tasks
  • Scripting primer
  • Automating tasks
  • Programming Languages – Swift, Python, Bash, etc.

Professional Development / Soft Skills

  • Project Management
  • People Management
  • Getting started with ITIL
  • Communicating with end-users
  • Helpdesk management
  • Starting a MacAdmins meetup
  • From Apple Genius to IT Professional

Case Study Ideas

  • Macs in HIPAA environments
  • Managing Macs in a blended Windows environment
  • iPad in Enterprise, Education, etc.
  • Using Cloud Services
  • Low budget management options
  • Enterprise management solutions

Other Topics

  • Font licensing and management
  • Cross-platform print management solutions
  • VMware ESXi for the MacAdmin
  • Networking
  • Managing Windows/Linux devices in a macOS landscape

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