Hack-A-Thon 2018

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The hack is back for the 2018 MacAdmins Conference! This year’s Hack-A-Thon will have a different structure than previous years. Hackers of all skill types and levels will team up to contribute to a single shared goal. Whether you are a coder, UI designer, documenting master, project manager, or just interested in hacking with friends, there will be an opportunity to help out.

Prior to the start of the conference, we will be polling the community for some of the current challenges we face. From this poll, a set of project ideas will be determined with goals which anyone can contribute to. The project ideas will be presented during the Tuesday Opening Dinner with the most popular one chosen. If you’re interested in hacking on the project, you can stop by the Hack-A-Thon room any time to join the fun. The Hack-A-Thon room will be a dedicated quiet space with plenty of power to support all-night hack runs without worrying about battery depletion. Our Hack-A-Thon sponsors will be supporting the Hack-A-Thon with technical knowledge, awesome hardware, collaborative software, and/or late night snacks!

The results of the Hack-A-Thon will be presented during Friday’s closing lunch. Any materials developed will be shared with the community for use or further development. It is our hope that whatever results the Hack-A-Thon project delivers, it will directly help the community to overcome a challenge. We hope to see you there!

Thanks to our Hack-A-Thon Sponsors!