Hack-A-Thon 2016

PSU MacAdmins Hackathon 2016 Projects

macadmin-stickers by Tom & Jerry – iMessage Stickers for all your favorite MacAdmins! Video

Crypt2 – Rotate Used Recovery Key by Wesley Whetstone – rotates the recovery key when used to unlock the computer Video

MunkiReport DeployStudio Module by John Eberle (tuxudo) and Nate Felton (n8felton) – a module to show DeployStudio computer data in MunkiReport Images

Munki & Authorized Restarts by Wesley Whetstone and Edgar Saucedo – Allows for Munki to Perform Authorized Restarts. Video

Hancock by Jeremy Agostino and Wade Robson – Signs files, such as .mobileconfigs, using a identity from your keychain Video

nibbler by Mike Lynn (frogor/pudquick/mikeymikey) – Nibbler is a Python PyOjbC utility for displaying dialogs using .nib files. Video

mdmcert.download by Jesse Peterson, Provides MDM Push certificates for use with Open Source MDM project(s) like Commandment and MicroMDM. Video

repoclean by Greg Neagle, A tool for cleaning up your Munki repo Video


This year will be the first MacAdmins Hackathon, taking place during the conference.  All attendees are welcome to participate!  The theme of this year’s hackathon is collaboration, to bring our community working closer together.  Teams may work on any project of their choosing and will be able to showcase their projects at the end of the conference for all attendees.  

There will be a dedicated area for teams to work on their projects at the Penn Stater; teams may work during breaks, in the evening, as well as during session time for those who desire.

The Hackathon will commence on Monday morning after the workshop welcome, and will conclude on Thursday morning.  On Thursday morning during breakfast, the Haxpo will take place where teams will showcase their projects to the attendees, who will then vote in the different categories.  The winners will be announced during the wrap-up lunch on Thursday. 

Project ideas:

  • New Munki features (features items, bundles, unit tests)
  • Leveraging APIs for automation (DEP, JSS, Sal)
  • Troubleshooting toolkit for end users
  • New osquery tables for OS X
  • Anything you choose!


  • Best Enhancement
    • New feature, bugfix, or other enhancement to an existing project
  • Biggest Time Saver
    • Automates a task, saving 
  • Best New Project
    • Built from scratch in three days!
  • Problem Solver
    • That tool you really needed yesterday.
  • Best in Show
    • Most votes overall


  • Teams must include at least two attendees to promote collaboration.
  • Planning a project before the conference is okay, but actual work should take place at the conference.
  • Code should be able to be open-sourced.
  • Teams may not win more than one category, if a team has the most votes in more than one it will win the one where it has the most total.