Free your NetBoot server with BSDPy

Speakers: Pepijn Bruienne

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Learn how to retire your OS X NetBoot server once and for all by switching to the platform-independent BSDPy, and feel good about it.

Description: Many Mac Admins still rely on NetBoot as their means of booting their imaging client of choice, whether it’s DeployStudio, Casper Imaging or another home brew solution. Fact is that until now you needed to hang on to that one OS X Server in your server room to run the NetBoot or NetInstall service, limiting your options in a modern data center where it likely got relegated to the “Special Mac Section”.

No more! With BSDPy, a modern implementation of Apple’s venerable BSDP protocol that underlies NetBoot and NetInstall, you can finally put that OS X Server to rest and run your NetBoot services using modern Linux-based solutions. In this talk we will look at the difficulties involved in developing BSDPy and matching all of Apple’s NetBoot functionality, best practices when deploying large scale NetBoot services and how to best deploy, manage and monitor them with BSDPy using its preferred deployment platform, Docker.

About the speakers

Pepijn Bruienne – University of Michigan (Twitter: @bruienne)

Pepijn is a Mac Development and Operation Specialist Senior at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He specializes in OS X and Linux server and client deployment. With more than a decade of experience in a variety of areas, his skills include Systems Administration, Operations Management, Mac/Linux/Windows Server and Desktop integration, software deployment, configuration management and process improvement.

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