Entering the awesome world of SNMP

Speakers: François Joannette, Manuel Deschambault

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Jump starting your SNMP knowledge from nothing to harnessing full power.

Description: Most likely, you have already heard the term SNMP. You might have done some googling, maybe you’re using SNMP already. Unless you’re and SNMP guru, this session is for you.

This session all about SNMP, we will cover SNMP operations such as walks and gets. We will also discuss SNMP traps, purpose of MIBS, differences in protocol versions as all those aspects are the roots for what is next.

We will discuss SNMP deployment, agent installation, securing the agent at different levels and considering the risk vs resource cost for high SNMP security.

Bring your Mac with you. You will be able to gather information about your neighbours!

Once the basics are covered, we will dive into extending the Net-SNMP agent to return the data of your choice, increasing the scope of SNMP monitoring to cover any mission critical data you need.

About the speakers

François Joannette – FJ Consultant

Earning a living with mac for the last 13 years, my career started with a degree in computer science as a network technician and led me in few years to act as lead system analyst in an consulting business. Business primary acting in the pre-press and video editing industries. Now self-employed worker as a consultant in IT businesses, I’m focussed on SAAS services, IT infrastructure, system’s automation and monitoring.

Manuel Deschambault – Symbiotic System Design

Support Tool Architect, Symbiotic System Design 2014-now
Design Engineer, Human Circuit 2008-2013

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