DNS, The Inside and Out

Speaker: Ben Greisler

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: DNS is often considered a 4 letter word, but with in this session we will help solve your DNS problems and avoid them in the first place.

Description: DNS is a basic skill that all admins should master at least to the level needed for their environment. In this session we will show how to plan it, test it, fix and avoid common, and some not so common, DNS issues. We will have a short review of the DNS structure and then dive into common scenarios that we admins run into to review the “how-to’s” of those situations. Time will be given for interaction with the participants so we can use their real life situations as examples.

About the speaker

Ben Greisler

Ben Greisler is the owner and technical lead of Kadimac Corp., a firm specializing in the integration of iOS and OS X into enterprise IT settings. Ben is an Apple Certified Trainer, author, consultant, and lecturer who has served on the Advisory Councils of the Apple Consultants Network and MacIT® Conference. Together Arek and Ben have collaborated to write several titles in the Apple Pro Training Series including OS X Server Essentials v10.6 through v10.10

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