From New to New – The lifecycle of MacBooks in MGSD

Speaker: Berry Williams

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: See how Mooresville Graded School District manages their student one-to-one MacBooks, from cradle to grave.

Description: See how Mooresville Graded School District (NC) manages 5000+ MacBooks issued to all students third through twelfth grade, from unpacking new machines through refreshing. The 10,000 foot view of unpacking, inventorying, imaging, deploying, managing, collecting, and ultimately replacing five thousand MacBooks. If you are planning a one-to-one, or want to see someone else’s experience in implementing one, come hear how MGSD has succeeded in making MacBooks ubiquitous in K-12 education.

About the speaker

Berry Williams – Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) (Twitter: @berryjw)

With over twenty years in computing, Berry Williams has been managing Macs for the Mooresville Graded School District since 2007. Specializing in imaging and management solutions, he has helped implement one of the most successful ‘one-to-one’ laptop programs in the country, providing students with the resources necessary for learning in the twenty-first century.

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