iPad Evolution at Gateway School District

Speakers: Jesse C. Smillie

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: A case study of the iPad Deployment at Gateway School District covering mistakes learned from our first 1:1 deployment back in 2014 to our second chance deployment in 2017 and covering our Shared iPad mass deployments in Elementary this year with all the craziness that came with it.

Description: Talk will go through our first 1:1 deployment at Gateway Middle School during the 14′-15′ & 15′-16′ school year on mistakes made and lessons learned. How those lessons were applied in 17′-18′ when we revisited 1:1 at Moss Side Middle School, how we’ve continued to evolve in the 2nd year of this program, and what the future holds for year three (19′-20′.) Will also get into our Shared iPad deployments in the Elementary buildings. Starting out as just the Libraries (130 units) in 17′-18′ and evolving to 5 iPads per classroom Elementary wide in 18′-19′.
Some topics that will be noted along the way:
*AppleTV Deployments
*Tools written to take advantage of the JAMF Pro API to make things easier.
*Repair Process when they get Broken
*Tips on how we deployed our Shared iPads to the Classroom. What they are kept in, charged, etc.

About the speaker

Jesse C. Smillie (Twitter: @jsmillie) – Mac & Linux Operations Engineer – Gateway School District

My love of computers goes back to the Commodore days. That was the spark anyways and I later got a chance to build on that for a short period of time as the 8-bit SIG leader for the Pittsburgh Commodore Group. Later I was introducted to the Mac when I came to work for Gateway School District in November of 1999. Y2K bug worry a side I cut my teeth initially on MacOS 8 and Apple G3s that needed to join the districts network. Over time my role at Gateway has evolved and now its all about MacOS (Mobile, Carts, & Labs about 900 devices) and iOS (1:1, Shared, and adhoc coming out around 2000 devices and growing.) I also maintain the Districts Linux based email infrastructure.
I have attended PSU MacAdmins every year since 2012 and have learned so much. Just looking for an opportunity to share some of the things we’ve learned with anyone who’s interested.

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