One-Click Fleet Security with Fleetsmith

Speakers: Zack Blum & Frank Yang & John Richards & Gretchen K

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: When considering a device management solution, security and privacy can no longer be an afterthought, or something that is “sprinkled on top” of an existing company or product.

In this session, Zack Blum, CEO and co-founder at Fleetsmith, and Frank Yang, Product Manager at Fleetsmith, will explain how Mac admins can become security heroes, why not proactively securing your fleet is a bad idea, how attackers think about compromising your organization through your employees’ endpoints, and examples of best practices including:

  • Secure zero-touch deployment
  • Instant fleet-wide macOS upgrades
  • Automatic FileVault with key escrow
  • Secure Google Chrome configuration
  • Binary blacklisting via Google Santa
  • Fast client-side deployment of fleet-wide log aggregation with Filebeat (ELK stack)
  • Advanced configuration management with Puppet and Chef
  • Managing custom scripts
  • and more!

They’ll also touch on how to evaluate a device management vendor’s product and corporate security, which are often overlooked but critical to understand.

About the speakers


Frank Yang – Product Manager – Fleetsmith

Zack Blum (Twitter: @fleetsmithhq) – CEO – Fleetsmith

Zack is the co-founder and CEO of Fleetsmith. Prior to Fleetsmith, he was the Director of IT at Wikia. Zack holds a degree from the University of California, Davis in Art History and Political Science. After graduating, Zack earned a Chinese Government Scholarship to study Mandarin at the Beijing Language and Culture University.

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