Zero Touch Deployment on a budget

Speakers: Dave Weale

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Leveraging a Cloud based directory system and cost effective MDM to create a zero touch deployment workflow.

Description: This is a working title of a workflow we are in the process of building out for use at an MSP.
The Cloud Directory could be Azure AD or Jumpcloud, Jamf Connect may be in the mix, along with Simple MDM or Mosyle.
The initial part of the talk will be an overview of the process of Zero Touch, and any gotchas.
I will then move on to which components selected and why.
Finally we will get delegates to enroll an out of the box device and have it auto configure. This will probably be using a pre-built VM with a faked DEP serial number.

About the speaker

Dave Weale (Twitter: @daveweale) – Consultant – IT Dept

Serial Conference Attendee, Apple Certified Trainer & Consultant. Dad.
A milestone birthday, along with gentle encouragement from colleagues in the UK provided the motivation to talk this year.

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