Installer Package Scripting: Making your deployments easier, one !# at a time

Speakers: Rich Trouton

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Use the power of installer packages and scripting to solve your deployment problems!

Description: Installer packages are pretty great. You can control the permissions on the installed files. You can control where the installed files are placed. When properly built, a package can be installed with nobody logged in. Last, but not least, you can run scripts as part of the installation process.
This session will cover how to use installer scripts to address various management issues, like deploying custom configurations, installing software which uses a third-party installation method and even fixing problems with other installation scripts.

About the speaker

Rich Trouton (Twitter: @rtrouton) – IT Technology Senior Consultant – SAP

Rich Trouton has been doing Macintosh system and server administration for over twenty years and has supported Macs in a number of different environments, including university, government, medical research and advertising. His current position is at SAP, where he works with the rest of the Mac CoE team to support SAP’s Mac community.

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