Starting Source Control: Using Git For Literally Everything

Speakers: Nick McSpadden

Level: Fundamental, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: Learn to use source control as a concept, with git as a tool. Incorporate source control into all of your daily work, and learn to automate and record all of your progress.

Description: Source control is critical to success in larger and complex environments. Even in smaller ones, utilizing source control effectively can be the difference between crisis and apocalypse. ‘git’ is the most common source control tool, and is a fantastic way to store your tools, scripts, documentation, notes, and text files. Learn to use git and incorporate it into your daily work so you can always record your progress, pick up where you leave off, and share and work with others in the same environment safely.

About the speaker

Nick McSpadden (Twitter: @mrnickmcspadden) – Client Platform Engineer – Facebook

Client Platform Engineer at Facebook. Started in education with a small fleet of Macs and iPads, and now works in a large-scale environment. Everything should be automated!

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