Transferring Data (or How I Spend my Summer Vacation)

Speakers: Adam Wickert

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Data is important! Users want their data transferred from their old system to their new one and there are lots of ways to do it. We’ll talk about different methods to transfer data, how permissions are affected and the pros and cons of each.

Description: To our users nothing is more important than their data! When a user has a system replaced they want their data moved to the new system, and they want it to work like it did before. There are many methods of transferring data and each of them have different effects on permissions. We’ll go through different connections and methods. Some are very easy, like copying from cloud storage, and others are more complex using terminal commands with specific flags. Together we’ll talk through all the options to get your users up and running on their new system.

About the speaker

Adam Wickert (Twitter: @atomargyle) – Desktop System Administrator – Hamilton College

A computer enthusiast who got interested in digital video and then got around to specializing in Mac support. Currently working in higher education in upstate New York, with experience in .gov. Also, a former Genius.

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