Munki Mistakes Made Right

Speakers: Tom Bridge

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: There are many different ways to setup Munki for your environment. Not all of them are wise or recommended. This presentation will take you through ways to adopt best practices for your environment, move to sane defaults, and secure and simplify your environment.

Description: I have worked through many choices about server setup, client setup, manifest and catalog configuration, and deployment methods for Munki over the last four years. I have learned something from every deployment, and I’ve made mistakes along the way. This session will expand on my talk at Mac AD UK on the same subject, and provide good tools for expanding your Munki knowledge, correcting mistakes that you’ve made, and getting your Munki repository both under control and under maintenance, but also under source control.

About the speaker

Tom Bridge (Twitter: @tbridge) – Partner – Technolutionary LLC

Tom Bridge is a partner at Technolutionary LLC, providing IT support to dozens of Mac-focused businesses, from organizations as small as two to as large as two hundred. He is the author of Munki-in-a-Box, and a founding co-host of the Mac Admins Podcast. He lives in Brookland, District of Columbia, with his wife Tiffany, their son Charlie, and a 30lb cat named Macro.

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