Digging Through System Data With Swift

Speakers: Steve Goodrich

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: This session will talk about processing the results of system tools like system_profiler and ps using the Swift programming language. While we will touch briefly on launching the processes, the focus of the session will be on using map, reduce, and filter to dig through the results. We will also look at the real performance impact of using these functions over traditional looping structures.

Description: Swift is rapidly becoming the favorite language for the iOS and macOS set. Apple is working hard to make it the path of least resistance for end user applications. And its attractiveness goes beyond the GUI. Swift combines the Apple OS system access of Objective-C with the accessibility of more popular scripting languages like Python and Ruby making is an good choice for system coding as well. Swift’s strong typing, error handling, and functional data crunching features provide powerful tools to the system admin / programmer. This class will dig into the hows and whys of using map, reduce, and filter to dig through the output of tools like system_profiler and ps to get the information about your system’s stat that you need.

About the speaker

Steve Goodrich (Twitter: @zepedebo) – Software Engineer, Apple Technologies – Ivanti

Steve is an Apple technologies specialist at Ivanti (or as his team like to say iVanti). Steve has been a professional software developer for over 30 years. He has written embedded systems, telecom engineering software, warehouse management systems, and integrated medical practice management and EHR software. Steve has extensive experience teaching and has taught a wide variety of classes including AI, database, UNIX system and network programming, compilers, Java, and software quality for Weber State University.

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