The Career Continuum

Speaker: Pam Lefkowitz

Level: Foundational, Lecture

Excerpt: Ready to jump ship? Ready to move forward? Happy where you’re at? Making the most of where you are today while you’re making plans for tomorrow.

Description: You’ve been in your job or career for more than 3 years. Statistics say you’re looking for a new job – is that true? For long-timers, you may be thinking of a career change. We’ll talk about planning for the next job or the next career. We’ll discuss resume’s, interview techniques, families, and the pursuit of career happiness.

If we have time, we’ll talk about preparing to retire (hint: you’re never too young to plan for this).

Be prepared to participate…everyone’s input is welcome.

About the speaker

Pam Lefkowitz – (Twitter: @alwaysdns)

Born and raised in the Chicago area, I’ve owned my IT consultancy for nearly 20 years. I have clients all over the country and across the pond. I’d like to visit them all someday!

I like to play with cool toys that make my life easier and more fun…and sometimes those “toys” are actually tools. Work should be fun…MOST of the time.

I also treasure my time away from work – sleeping late on the weekend, playing with my dog (@lillywonderdawg), knitting (I created and, subsequently, sold an app for that), casinos, Rock Band, a good bourbon, driving Xena the red hot Charger (R/T, 5.7l Hemi), and watching the Cubs (not all at once, geez).

Then there’s that little matter called DNS……

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