The 12 Unix Commands everyone should know

Speaker: Matthew Schnittker

Level: Foundational, BYOD Lab

Excerpt: Get started using the Terminal on your Mac with these powerful shell commands.

Description: I often hear of folks wanting to “Learn Shell” but don’t have a driving reason to do so. This talk will cover 12 common unix commands that are so useful, you won’t be able to avoid using them every day. We’ll talk about Mac specific commands such as “diskutil” and “open” as well as some old friends such as find, grep, and top, and “ls”. We’ll also talk a little about the shell and command line pattern matching with “ls”. We’ll move some files with “mv” and rsync and check to see how much disk we are using with “du” and how much is left with “df”. We’ll then dig into Unix permissions with chmod, chown, and chgrp. Hopefully will work in some talk about what you are actually looking at with these commands by touching ever so briefly on inodes.

About the speaker

Matthew Schnittker – (Twitter: mschnitt)

Matt Schnittker began his association with Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1998, and currently serves as a Manager in the Systems department. His first film contribution was on Disney’s ambitious 2000 animated feature, “Dinosaur,” and he most recently worked on the Studio’s upcoming feature release, “Zootopia”. Schnittker has been involved in both traditional 2D, and fully digital 3D animation pipelines. He has contributed to several Disney patents and won an International 3D Society Lumiere Award for his work on 3D Pipelines. He currently is involved in web and mobile software development as well as technical support and systems support.

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