Modular Image Creation (Yes, it’s still a Thing)

It seems like the whole Mac Admin community is moving towards installation-based deployment methods — and rightly so — but there are still many good reasons why you might want to build an image for deployment. Whether that image is minimal (“thin”), monolithic, or something in-between, this session will explore the tools you can use to create images modularly, including the latest addition to the Mac Admin’s toolkit, AutoDMG. If you are still using the “golden machine” method of image creation, there’s never been a better time to transition to more modern methods; this session can help!

Key Concepts:

Advantages of modular image creation over capturing a “golden machine”. Advantages/Disadvantages of deploying with an image. Principles for selecting what should be a part of an image and what is best left to other deployment methods. Ways to organize your packages (including InstaUp2Date). Possible workflows for modular image creation (using AutoDMG, SIU, InstaDMG).

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

 Anthony Reimer, University of Calgary

Anthony ReimerAnthony has been the Head Technician of the Integrated Arts Media Labs at the University of Calgary (Canada) since 1996, supporting work with Macintosh computers and other digital technology in Music, Art, Drama and Dance. He regularly gives presentations on technology to artists and non-artists alike at conferences like the MacIT Conference, the Penn State MacAdmins Conference, and the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. Anthony is an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and has a Masters Degree in Music (Wind Conducting) as well as BMus and BEd degrees.

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