Why Fi 6? EEEEEEEEEEEE! Upcoming Changes in Wireless Networking

Speakers: Chris Dawe

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: 802.11ax was finally starting to ramp up when the FCC came along and opened another 1200 MHz of radio frequency spectrum for unlicensed use. What does all this mean for your network planning, design, and troubleshooting?

Description: Discussions of:
1. WiFi 6/802.11ax technology
2. Spectrum expansion into the 6 GHz band
3. Vendor responses

About the speaker

Chris Dawe (Twitter: @ctdawe) – Principal Systems Engineer – Wheelwrights

Chris Dawe is a consultant focused on macOS, iOS, and networking. He handles a wide variety of work, including system assessment, design, deployment, and support. Chris holds the Certified Wireless Network Administrator and the Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer certifications, and is working toward several others. Chris co-founded and helps manage Apple Admins of Seattle, a monthly administrator’s meetup based in Seattle. When not working, Chris dabbles in American history, cooks when he can, and appreciates both whiskey and whisky. Chris lives with Emily in Seattle, Washington.

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