Roam if You Want To: Wi-Fi Client Mobility

Speakers: Chris Dawe

Level: Advanced, Lecture

Excerpt: In this session we will attempt to demystify Wi-Fi roaming, understand what leads to “sticky client”, and discuss what we can do to fix it.

Description: We will explore the fundamental concepts of Wi-Fi roaming to provide a basis for understanding Wi-Fi client behavior. We will iterate, explore, compare, and contrast macOS and iOS roaming behaviors, and we will explore advanced roaming technologies such as 802.11k and 802.11r, and discuss their applicability and limits in macOS and iOS network environments. Finally, we will discuss how WiFi network design interacts with roaming behavior, review techniques for influencing roaming behavior, and explore tools that may help provide further understanding of your clients’ roaming characteristics.

About the speaker

Chris Dawe (Twitter: @ctdawe) – Principal Systems Engineer – Wheelwrights

Chris is a consultant focused on MacOS, iOS, and networking. Chris handles a wide variety of work, including system assessment, design, deployment, and support. When not working, Chris dabbles in American history, cooks when he can, and appreciates both whiskey and whisky. Chris lives with Emily in Seattle, Washington, where they are doing their best to furnish the townhouse.

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