Using EasyLogin Alpha, an Open Source DaaS made for Mac

Speakers: Yoann Gini

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Here, a year ago, Yoann introduced EasyLogin for the first time during the session “Past, Present and Future of Directory Services.” This project aims to be the Open Source future of a directory service, made for mobility, made for the cloud. This 2018 session will be a first too: the introduction of an alpha version with an initial deployment tutorial.

Description: EasyLogin was able to handle Mac directory support in 2017. The 2018 flavor is now able to talk LDAP and fully integrated with AirWatch. During this talk Yoann will explain architecture choice, deployment methods for the alpha version, steps needed to integrate with AirWatch and demonstration of this cloud-based directory service working with Network Extension for the MDM protocol (needed to target profile to users instead of devices).

Yoann will manage time needed for Q&A and advanced explanations based on attendees expectations at the end of the session. He will uncover all information kept secret during the initial announcement of EasyLogin.

About the speaker

Yoann Gini (Twitter: @ygini) – CEO – Abelionni

Yoann is CEO of Abelionni, a consulting working anywhere on the planet, on anything related to a SMB information system, highly experimented on scenario with intellectual property to defend.

You might already have used one of his tools made for system administrators like the Admin Tool Radius, ARD Inspector or Hello IT. He works on a day to day basis with macOS, iOS, Windows Server, AirWatch, and always try to develop advanced usage like Mac-based virtualization infrastructure, Cloud based directory for Mac done right, etc.

His skills include reverse engineering of Cocoa application and security work related to macOS and iOS.

Recently, he started to work on, an Open Source initiative here to serve as a modern directory service, made for mobility and cloud.

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