Peering into the black hole of bug reports

Speakers: Karl Kuehn

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Bug reporting is a skill, but most people have only experienced one side of the process. This session will introduce you to the other side of that process at the hands of an experienced bug chaser. By the end of the session you should have a better feel for the process and some tips that will improve the bugs you submit, and the chances that they will get fixed.

Description: Submitting bug reports is often an exercise in frustration: after bashing your head on a wall on a bug you kindly inform the vendor of their mistake, only to never hear anything back. Sometimes it feels as if you have just tossed your message into a black hole and wasted your time. But on the other side of that event horizon there are people following a process, one that at times can be just as frustrating for those working on it as it is for you.

This session will present the lessons learned from time on the other side of that process by a professional who has triaged and regressed bugs, including some time at Apple, and has the battle scars to show for it. Come learn what that process looks like and how you can improve your bug reports to make the process less frustrating for all involved.

About the speakers

Karl Kuehn – Automation Engineer – RethinkDB (Twitter: larkost)

Karl’s career has moved from managing large university computer labs to creating software testing systems that run on fleets of computers. Along the way he has created or contributed to a number of open-source software projects, including InstaDMG/InstaUpToDate. Currently he works on the testing and building systems for RethinkDB, and open-source NoSQL database.

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