Cradle-to-grave endpoint lifecycle management ­and everything in between

Speakers: Rob Morton

Level: Foundational, Sponsor

Description: In today’s world we are no longer seeing a single, consistent device that everyone uses. Today’s corporate standard is all about choice. In this session we will look at how Absolute Software can help you embrace choice within your organization, and create a true cross platform system for centrally managing – and more importantly ­ protecting all of your devices and data, while ensuring that organizational processes are followed.

From first start up to the end of a device’s life, we will show you how, with Absolute Software solutions, you can ensure that the device is protected, patched, inventoried, and wiped. Going beyond the Absolute Software suite, we will also demonstrate how to enhance the system as a pre-emptive tool to ensure your other critical tools – such as AntiVirus, Backup, and Data Encryption – are either functioning as expected, or are non-compliant.

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