Connect the dots with Docker

Speakers: Pepijn Bruienne, Nick McSpadden

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Join us as we look at the practical applications Docker has for Mac admins.

Description: Docker has been rapidly growing in exposure and adoption in the IT world as it benefits both development and systems teams in their everyday operations. But apart from the larger picture of a much more streamlined flow of web-based applications from development to production it also opens new doors for Mac Admins. If you have been wanting to adopt some of the great Mac Admin-focused OSS tools out there, or if you already have adopted some but are looking to integrate more of it into your workflow this session is for you. In it, we will look at the individual building blocks that are available via Docker images and dive into how to combine and connect the pieces to create your purpose-built Mac management Mecha. No actual giant Japanese robots will be in attendance.

About the speakers

Pepijn Bruienne – University of Michigan (Twitter: @bruienne)

Pepijn is a Mac Development and Operation Specialist Senior at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He specializes in OS X and Linux server and client deployment. With more than a decade of experience in a variety of areas, his skills include Systems Administration, Operations Management, Mac/Linux/Windows Server and Desktop integration, software deployment, configuration management and process improvement.

Nick McSpadden – Schools of the Sacred Heart (Twitter: @mrnickmcspadden)

Nick McSpadden is the Client Systems Manager at Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco. He is in charge of the deployment of all client workstations and devices, including the faculty laptops and the school’s 1:1 iPad program. He’s used to working with different models for deployment and management of iOS devices alongside OS X devices.

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