Beyond Thunderdome: Managing OS X without OS X

In an age where Apple and OS X have an ever-growing presence in education and corporate environments the need to maintain OS X-only services is becoming more and more of a hassle for the Mac admin wanting to benefit from current virtualization and scaling technologies. In this session we will explore non-OS X management tools and how they can be combined to create solid Enterprise-class Mac management backends, using both commercial and Open Source software.

 Key Concepts:

Linux-based Mac management tools, migrating away from OS X-only services, reducing cost of service by using existing virtual or physical server infrastructure, benefiting from Open Source projects.

Intermediate Lecture – 75 Minutes


Pepijn Bruienne, University of Michigan

Pepijn BruiennePepijn Bruienne is a Senior Mac Development and Operations Specialist with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. At the University he is the Operations Lead for their in-house Munki-based management system, maintained by a dedicated group of Mac admins. Prior to working at the University of Michigan he was a Senior Mac Systems Administrator with Cengage Learning, an educational publisher. He has contributed to various Open Source Mac projects and maintains BSPDy, a Linux-based NetBoot server and AutoNBI, a NetBoot image automation tool.

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