iBeacon in Education

iBeacons are low energy Bluetooth devices that enable close proximity detection in iOS 7. iBeacons can be used to enhance campus tours, concession stands, indoor navigation, classroom management, and many other areas of education. Join Tim Perfitt to understand how iBeacons work and for ideas on how to iBeacon-enable your campus.

Key Concepts:

  • How iBeacon works
  • iBeacon Security Best Practices
  • iBeacon Deployment best practices
  • iBeacon in Education demos and examples
  • Use of iBeacon in native apps and in Passbook passes.

Intermediate Lecture – 75 minutes

Tim Perfitt, Twocanoes Software, Inc.

Tim PerfittAfter receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering in the bitter cold of Michigan, Timothy escaped to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to teach Math, Science, and eat betanut. On returning back to the US mainland, he road the dot com bubble at Coolboard.com until he was thrown clear to the relative safety of Apple. At Apple, he developed the first ever certification training for OS X and OS X server, and then went to work with Apple engineering focusing on Higher Education and Fortune 500 large scale environments. He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science in 2006 with a thesis on large scale, distributed peer-to-peer microblogging. Timothy quit Apple in 2012 and started Twocanoes Software in Naperville, IL to build best of breed Mac and iOS software and hardware. He shares his birthday, March 24th, with OS X.

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