Packet Sniffing for Admins

Packet sniffing is a powerful knowledge. It can be used for bad purpose, but in the hands of a good man, it can be really helpful. In this session you will learn when and how use packet sniffing as a troubleshooting tool. The course outline will take the attendees through different knowledges needed for packet sniffing via real situations experienced by the speaker.

Some experiences will be shown for LDAP or Kerberos scenario.

This session will be concluded with some bonus to open the reflexion about others good usage of the packet sniffing.

Key Concepts:

  • refresh of the OSI model
  • where and how a packet capture can be done
  • how to exploit a network dump
  • how to reuse those knowledge in other situations

Foundational Lecture – 75 Minutes

Yoann Gini, iNig-Services

Yoann GiniFrench guy, consultant in IT architecture and security, specialized on Apple products. Apple Certified Master Trainer, Certified Ethical Hacker, I’m well-known for my addiction to documenting un-documented Apple topics useful for business deployment (Bonjour Wide Area, SmartCards, PasswordServer ExternalCommand…).

I’m also a software developer, writing tools like Admin Tools Radius / VPN or Bonjour Dumper specifically made to help system administrators in their works.

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