How Did You Do That!? Tips and Tricks to Level Up your iPhone

Speakers: Kelly Guimont

Level: All Levels, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: This session will be loads of tips and tricks and useful things you can do with your iPhone! Follow along as Kelly walks through her stockpile of tips to show you all the things your iPhone can do that you didn’t even realize.

Description: Everybody has that thing they know how to do on their phone that makes other people sit up and take notice. Kelly has many of these. She’s going to share them all with everyone at this session, and that includes whatever tips you bring with you! This is an opportunity to dig into the hidden corners of iOS for those features and workflow steps that make your iPhone even more useful than it is already.

About the speaker

Kelly Guimont (Twitter: @verso) – Operations Manager – Technolutionary

Kelly has been explaining Apple hardware to people for most of her life. Currently she explains them as part of her job as Operations Manager at Technolutionary. Aside from friends and family, she began explaining things at TUAW in 2009, and now does so at The Mac Observer as host of the Daily Observations Podcast. The rest of the time she can be found on other podcasts, or watching a Star Wars movie.

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