Introduction to MDM and Configuration Profiles

Speakers: Rich Trouton

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: We all talk about MDM and profiles, but how do they really work? Let’s look at the basics of both to understand how these essential management systems work.

Description: As Apple tightens up on user-level privacy controls and adds more management functionality which is exclusive to using a mobile device management (MDM) service, it makes sense for management which used to be done with scripts or other tools to now be moved over to profile management.
This session will discuss the fundamentals of MDM and why MDM-delivered profiles are the only way to provide certain management abilities. It will also cover the basics of configuration profiles, how they work and how to create them.

About the speaker

Rich Trouton (Twitter: @rtrouton) – IT Technology Senior Consultant – SAP

Rich Trouton has been doing Macintosh system and server administration for over twenty years and has supported Macs in a number of different environments, including university, government, medical research and advertising. His current position is at SAP, where he works with the rest of the Apple@SAP team to support SAP’s Mac community.

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