Early Efficiencies: prioritizing your time as a new Mac Admin through automation and other best practices

Speakers: Ross Matsuda & Caroline Bodager

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: You’ve got your MDM or other tools in place, so now what? We’ll be exploring some high-value goals you can set as an admin and review some tools, resources, and tips for getting there.

Description: Your MDM solution is in place, you’ve got devices enrolled (or soon will), and deployment is winding down. So now what? During this session, we’d like to offer some recommendations for setting some goals and identifying best practices to leverage your tools and time in a rewarding way.
Topics we’ll explore at a high level will include applying the principles of automation to yourself as an admin, designing your device inventory structure, managing your Mac settings & customizations, printers, software deployment, and patch management. Join us as we take a brief spin through our experiences in these areas while examining some scripts, example workflows, and tools to start prioritizing your next steps and improving the quality of life for yourself, your support team, and end users.

About the speakers

Caroline Bodager – Mac Desktop Administrator – Wellesley College

Caroline Bodager is the Mac Admin at Wellesley College. She is interested in developing security awareness on campus, improving the College’s mobile device management, and educating and empowering our users to take advantage their technology resources.

Ross Matsuda – System Administrator – Forget Computers

Ross is a sysadmin who has worked in the Apple support ecosystem since 2008. During and before that, he had brief stints in iOS development, UX wire framing, and graphic design. When not staring at tiny, glowing rectangles, he works as an opera and theatre director in Chicago.

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