Slack CPE and Chef

Speakers: Ryan Moon & Lucas Hall

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: Learn how Slack’s CPE team uses Chef’s methodology to develop, test and deploy configuration management against its clients and infrastructure.

Description: We will delve into Chef methodologies as prescribed by the larger Chef community and Chef. Explore the benefits of being able to test code and its integrations prior to deployment. Utilize CI tools for automated testing. As well as look at the remediation and compliance benefits of endpoint testing.

About the speakers

Lucas Hall (Twitter: @thelukanator) – Client Platform Engineer – Slack

Client platform engineer in Denver, CO. Born and raised in Dayton, OH, now Slacks in Denver via a few years in the Pacific Northwest.

Ryan Moon (Twitter: @ryanmoon) – Sr Client Platform Engineer @ Slack – Slack Technologies Inc.

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