Please pass the Salt… Agents and MDM.

Speakers: Wesley Whetstone & Shea Craig

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Most assume that configuration management is only as good as the agent running on the device. Salt is a multifaceted tool that runs locally as an agent but is also capable of managing devices that don’t run an agent. In this session, we’ll go over practical uses of the agent and as well as an intro to the potential of Stateful MDM through Salts proxy minion system.

Description: Configuration management on macOS is nothing new. Doing so efficiently using native system APIs is a whole new story. We’ll cover the practical use of the Salt agent on macOS leveraging the latest Python Objective-C bridge… But running as an agent is only one of the many facets of Salt. We’ll also cover the ability of Stateful MDM using salts extensible proxy minion system to ensure state on machines through MDM without the use of an agent.

About the speakers

Shea Craig (Twitter: @shea_craig) – Senior IT Systems Engineer – SAS

High Cleric of Vim, Destroyer of Burritos, Scourge of Coffee Beans.

Wesley Whetstone (Twitter: @jckwhet) – Mac Operations Engineer – Square

Current lead of the Mac Operations team at Square, where we use a variety of open source and in house tools to manage our fleet of thousands of Macs..

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