Preparing for the Next macOS: Testing In Your Environment, and What’s New!

Speakers: Robert Hammen

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Apple’s annual OS releases, and frequent, fundamental OS changes, have caught some Mac admins unprepared. In this session, we’ll discuss considerations, offer advice, as well as testing methodologies, and mention how best to provide feedback to Apple. We’ll also detail specific changes coming in the next version of macOS, and how they might affect admins.

Description: User Approved Kernel Extension Loading. User Approved MDM. APFS (Apple File System). SecureToken. Transparency and Consent Control (TCC). In the last two macOS versions, there have been multiple, fundamental changes to the way that the OS functions. These changes have directly impacted how Mac admins must deploy and support these new OSes. More changes are ahead. It’s never been more essential that you take the time to test future OSes in your environment, before they are released.
In this session, we’ll cover the four different ways you can gain access to future releases; considerations, including your deployment workflows, your security software, and any specific apps and tools you are using (no more 32-bit apps!). We’ll discuss testing methodologies, including the use of virtual machines to automate testing. We’ll cover the various ways to effectively communicate with Apple (more than just “File a Radar!”) about how these changes will impact your environment. We’ll also drill down into the fundamental changes in the next version of macOS that will affect admins going forward.

About the speaker

Robert Hammen (Twitter: @hammen) – Sr Mac Admin – National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH

I’ve been managing Macs since before the days of OS X. As a consultant, I’ve performed OS X and iOS integration and support for a diverse group of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to education to small and medium businesses. I now help deploy, manage, and secure the Mac environment for the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Institutes of Health. I have all of Apple’s recent IT certifications and am also an Apple Certified Trainer. I also have Jamf’s Certified Casper Administrator, Certified JSS Administrator, and Certified Casper Expert certifications.

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