A Year on the Client Platform Engineering Team at Uber

Speakers: Danielle Di Bella

Level: Intermediate, Lecture

Excerpt: It’s been a busy year for the Uber Client Platform Engineering team! Come share the lessons learned from globally deploying MDM to tens-of-thousands of devices globally during a time of hyper-growth. This session will focus on procurement considerations, as well as Workspace ONE cross-platform architecture, provisioning options and enrollment for currently deployed devices.

Description: I came to Uber a year ago to solve a big problem. Uber needed Mobile Device Management (MDM) on the Mac fleet ASAP. Like any good problem, the solution became much bigger than the problem itself. In fact, the solution became less about enrolling macOS into MDM, but about building a MDM solution that not only scales, but one that is truly cross-platform. Rather than drilling into one tool, this presentation is about ‘taking a step back’. If you got to architect a management solution from scratch, for scale, ‘Where would you start?’ You should attend this session if you want to know where we started, where we are now, and where we are going – and of course, what we learned along the way.
Key Topics:
* The importance of MDM and selecting a vendor
* Considerations and collaborating with key stakeholders including supply chain, end-users, service desk, audio video and builds teams
* Considerations for device types
* Apple Business Manager and Device Enrollment Program (DEP) automation considerations
* Provisioning macOS devices and pivoting to a DEP workflow globally
* Autopilot and Dell Product Provisioning for Windows and Workspace ONE (yes, Windows!)
* Enrolling devices already in the wild
* Tips for architecture, security and automation for Workspace ONE

About the speaker

Danielle Di Bella (Twitter: @techincolor) – Senior Client Platform Engineer – Uber

Danielle is a Senior Information Technology Engineer experienced in cross-platform systems architecture, procurement, automated provisioning, management, security and monitoring for computers and other mobile devices. She has been an Apple Certified Trainer since 2012 and ran her own IT consultancy in UK for 6 years. She is now part of the Client Platform Engineering team at Uber.

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