Empowering Teachers: A Classroom Centric Approach to iPad Management

Speakers: Nikki Lewandowski

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: “How do we know students aren’t using their iPads to goof off?”
“We can just lock the iPads down, right?”
If your students use iPads, you’ve probably been asked some variant of these questions by your teachers. Learn how Canisius High School has implemented Apple Classroom, Schoolwork, and other management tools to give teachers control of their classroom without sacrificing the student learning experience.

Description: The methods and philosophy used to manage iPads at Canisius High School has evolved dramatically since the inception of our 1:1 program in 2012. In this session, we’ll share our successes and discuss how we worked through the concerns of our teachers and some of the pitfalls of our decisions. We’ll examine how we’ve implemented Apple School Manager, Apple Classroom, and various configuration profiles to ensure a smooth classroom experience for students and teachers alike. Together, these programs have better focused student learning and given teachers more control over and confidence in student iPad use in their classroom.
In this session, we’ll discuss the set-up/integration of these programs. Additionally, we’ll also demonstrate some of the configuration profiles and other tools we’ve used to solve classroom concerns and better automate enforcement of of our Responsible Use Agreement.
At Canisius High School, responsible technology use has become apart of our curriculum. In conjunction with other faculty members, we’ve developed digital citizenship and digital literacy program initiatives. We’ll give an overview of these programs and discuss how they support and enhance our iPad management policies.

About the speaker

Nikki Lewandowski – Systems Administrator – Canisius High School

Nikki joined the Canisius High School (Grades 9-12) IT staff in 2011 to provide support and assist in developing educational resources for their 1:1 iPad deployment for both teachers and students. In addition to the continued development of the iPad program, Canisius has three student use iMac labs, a projection system with AppleTVs in every classroom, and 100% macOS device adoption among teachers and administrative staff.

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