Manage Software in Computer Labs on a Budget

Speakers: Brian Davis

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Want to manage software on Macs in a shared, computer lab environment, but your resources (budget) are limited? There is an option! This session will cover Munki and other complementary tools that can be used to manage software on your shared macOS lab devices.

Description: With OS imaging on the way out as an option to deploy the operating system and software, an option is needed to deploy software to a large group of Macs. For those that are on a limited budget, and even those that are not in this situation, this is where Munki can help out. Munki has been in use by the Mac community for many years now and is actively supported by its developer. While the main usage for Munki is to deploy software, it can also perform other tasks such as deploy configuration profiles, custom scripts, and launch agents/daemons. This presentation will cover how Munki and other complementary tools, are currently being used in a higher education shared macOS device computer lab environment.
The tools include:

  • Apple Remote Desktop

    About the speaker

    Brian Davis – Technology Support Analyst – East Carolina University

    I have worked in higher education for the past 15 years supporting computer labs on the campus of East Carolina University, with the past 3 years supporting roughly 400 Macs.

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