From Mac Servers to NAS: The Great Migration

Speakers: Bryan Heinz

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: In this session, I will give an introduction to Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers. The session will include information on what a NAS server is, what one can do, how you might be able to replace a Mac server with a NAS server, potential limitations, and some tips and tricks for managing a NAS server.

Description: Since Apple has gutted, a lot of Mac admins have been moving away from Mac servers and looking to Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers as a replacement. In this session, I will give an introduction to what a NAS server is, what it can do, what some of the limitations of it are, some vendor options, and some tips and tricks for using and managing a NAS server. While I will try to make this talk largely vendor agnostic, there will be a bit of Synology-specific content.
My hope is that you’ll walk away from this talk informed on whether or not a NAS server is right for your organization or clients, ideas on vendors and models that you can choose from, and some ideas for how you can use a NAS server.

About the speaker

Bryan Heinz (Twitter: @cookie_lust) – IT Manager – Simantel Group, Ltd.

Bryan Heinz is the IT Manager for the ad agency Simantel in Peoria, IL. He works on everything from resetting user passwords to managing server infrastructure. When not at work, you can find Bryan hanging out with his spouse and friends, playing video games, programming, or watching some TV.

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