Fast macOS Management with Chef

Speakers: Nate Walck

Level: Intermediate, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: A hands-on session where you will learn how to use Chef to manage your macOS machines. We will cover the basics of using API Cookbooks and testing changes.

Description: Managing macOS with config management tools like Chef can be extremely daunting at first glance. Thankfully API cookbooks created by Facebook, Pinterest and Uber have greatly lowered the barrier to entry and allow for management of common settings and applications. These cookbooks allow you to create global default settings for your entire fleet as well as department, machine and user specific overrides to ensure that each machine gets exactly the settings they need.
We will be covering basic Ruby/Chef concepts, the basics of using API Cookbooks to manage machines and testing your chef code.

About the speaker

Nate Walck (Twitter: @natewalck) – Client Platform Engineer – Uber

Nate has been involved in the MacAdmin community and in various open source projects since 2010, including Munki, Puppet and Chef. Nate is part of the Client Platform Engineering team @ Uber.

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