Moving to the Future of macOS Deployment (a little late)

Speakers: Adam Wickert

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: We knew macOS changes were coming, we knew imaging was dying, but now we really need to make changes to our workflow to deploy new machines. These are the steps it took to get DEP “imaging” working from signup to deployment.

Description: Like many of you, my team previously used DeployStudio with a gold master image. Then workflows went package based, moved to Jamf Imaging. We kept holding onto old methods because they still worked. I knew changes were coming, I was warned that imaging was dead, but since it worked what was the harm? Then our workflows weren’t going to work at all. You can’t netboot a new T2 based Mac! Installers that add Kernel Extensions pop up and confuse users! Users need to approve the MDM so we can utilize all its features! Finally, I broke down and signed up for DEP. I started setting up our Jamf instance to handle prestage enrollments, to upload inventory information and scope smart groups to handle software installs by department or location. Finally making a workflow that replaces what we used to do. I’ll show the steps it took to get into the future, even if it probably should have happened a couple of years ago.

About the speaker

Adam Wickert (Twitter: @atomargyle) – Desktop System Administrator – Hamilton College

A computer enthusiast who went to school for digital video and ended up supporting the Macs he worked on. Currently working in higher education in upstate New York, with experience in .gov. Also, a former Genius.

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