Using DEPNotify to automate your DEP/Non-DEP build workflows

Speakers: Hoppy Shaw

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Are you looking for a way to manage the experience after DEP enrollment? I’ll show you how to automate your build workflow using DEPNotify which will capture important user info, push all the apps you want delivered right away, and most importantly, keep the end user notified of what’s happening on their system. This program works with most MDM’s and DEP enrollment is not required.

Description: If you’re looking for something that requires little coding experience and have a desire to take your DEP workflow to the next level, this is the demo for you! DEPNotify can be deployed any number of ways and used for non DEP enrollments as well. In this presentation, I’ll be using a DEP enrolled mac connected to Workspace One however, the DEPNotify program can be used with any Mobile Device Management tool. As part of a DEP workflow, DEPNotify will launch after Setup Assistant and prompt the user for pertinent information. It then moves on to tell the Alaska Airlines story…all while installing applications in the background. I’ll cover the boot strapped deployment, the code running things, and how to use this method on non-DEP enrolled devices.
DEPNotify is a program written in swift by Joel Rennich and shared here: — From the github page: DEPNotify is completely controlled via echoing text to its control file. By default this is /var/tmp/depnotify.log but can be changed with the -path flag. The application then reacts to Command: and Status: lines written to the control file. Newer features of the app also utilize menu.nomad.DEPNotify.plist that is saved to the current user’s home library preferences folder.

About the speaker

Hoppy Shaw (Twitter: @hoppy) – Sr. Enterprise Systems Engineer – Alaska Airlines

Hoppy has worked in the tech industry for over 20 years with a focus on endpoint management. Starting with Microsoft products like SMS 2.0, he’s been able to work in many different industries helping other companies manage their devices in a better way. Products that he works with on a daily basis include Workspace One and SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).
Currently, Hoppy manages all things macOS and mobile at Alaska Airlines headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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