Going full cloud with Azure AD or Google Cloud Identity

Speakers: Yoann Gini

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Going full cloud for an information system can be challenging, especially when it’s time to think about identity and device management. During this talk, we will walk through the Azure AD and Google Cloud Identity services to discover how to use them with any kind of device management solution that support LDAP.

Description: Full cloud scenarios become more and more common nowadays, even in France where we don’t like cloud 🙂
If you’re looking to create a “server free” setup for your company or your customer, you want to free yourself of the local directory service, but you still need one to keep things under control.
To achieve such a challenge, you’ve two main cloud LDAP provider: Microsoft with Azure AD and Google with Google Cloud Identity.
Why is the LDAP service so important when you’re going full cloud? Isn’t SAML supposed to be the way to go? Yes, it’s true, SAML is the way to go, but we are all stuck to all school BASIC HTTP authentication due to Apple’s weaknesses in DEP. This where you still need an LDAP access: being able to connect any kind of MDM that you want to your new cloud directory service.
During this talk we will look at the minimum work needed with both cloud based directory services to enable the LDAP Service, use it with a LDAP compatible MDM and deploy a DEP device with the whole solution.

About the speaker

Yoann Gini (Twitter: @ygini) – CEO – Abelionni

Yoann is CEO of Abelionni, a consulting working anywhere on the planet, on anything related to a SMB information system, highly experimented on scenario with intellectual property to defend.
You might already have used one of his tools made for system administrators like the Admin Tool Radius, ARD Inspector or Hello IT. He works on a day to day basis with macOS, iOS, Windows Server, AirWatch, and always try to develop advanced usage like Mac-based virtualization infrastructure, Cloud based directory for Mac done right, etc.
His skills include reverse engineering of Cocoa application and security work related to macOS and iOS.

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