Identity management, the step after device management

Speakers: Yoann Gini

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: You’re managing your fleet with an EMM? Great! Now what about your identities? How do you handle all those cloud-based services? The accounts on each? What about UX when we’ve to connect many times to multiple services with same or different credentials for work?

Description: Identity management is what you need to ensure that all cloud-based services rely on:
a single username and password
automatically identity the user on a managed device (using certificate based authentication or Kerberos)
ask for multi-factor authentication on a non-managed device
With technologies like SAML, OpenID, OAuth, a service provider can rely on a third part identity provider to handle the whole authentication part. Available authentication policy will then depend on the Identity Provider.
During this lecture we will discover the whole process involved and what’s the impact on:
the user experience
the security level
the request to help desk for lost password
Will also be covered the details of automatic login method supported for macOS and iOS, both on-site and in mobility.
This lecture will use Workspace ONE as a demonstration tool but the knowledge demonstrated is vendor agnostic.

About the speaker

Yoann Gini (Twitter: @ygini) – CEO – Abelionni

Yoann is CEO of Abelionni, a consulting working anywhere on the planet, on anything related to a SMB information system, highly experimented on scenario with intellectual property to defend.
You might already have used one of his tools made for system administrators like the Admin Tool Radius, ARD Inspector or Hello IT. He works on a day to day basis with macOS, iOS, Windows Server, AirWatch, and always try to develop advanced usage like Mac-based virtualization infrastructure, Cloud based directory for Mac done right, etc.
His skills include reverse engineering of Cocoa application and security work related to macOS and iOS.

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