Making a Jamf Uploader for Everyone

Speakers: Joshua Harvey

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: Give your site admins the ability to upload and edit scripts, packages and profiles to jamf without giving away the keys to the kingdom.

Description: A site admin comes and asks you how they can upload new packages to jamf. Sound like a common question with an easy answer? It wasn’t in our environment. This one question actually caused a lot of headaches.
In this session, I’ll be going over how this seemingly simple task resulted in upset site admins, increased Help Desk tickets and more work for us as Admins. I’ll be covering the requirements we had to meet, the features we need to include to make our site admins happy and get some of that much needed time in our day back. Then, I’ll go over how we met each of these items and how to go about creating and customizing this in your environment.

About the speaker

Joshua Harvey – Senior Systems Administrator – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Over the past 9+ years, working with computers went from being just a hobby to a career that allows me to say I love what I do. I started with a big beard and glasses as a Genius at Apple, then jumped (feet first) into the world of Government Contracting (they had cookies..) as a Systems Architech Engineer for the Department of Veterans Affairs where I had the opportunity to design, build and oversee their deployment of jamf for all of their Macs (totally around 400).
Currently, I’m working as a contractor with NASA at Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt Maryland as a Senior Systems Administrator overseeing and managing the agency’s macOS devices in jamf (3,200+ computers and growing).

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