To MDM or Not To MDM – Is that a Question?

Speakers: Matthew Schnittker

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Is MDM a requirement for managing your MacOS and iOS fleet? We were able to get by without it for a long time. However, we recently moved our organization to using MDM. This talk will cover our rationale for implementing MDM as well as how we were able to make the change with minimal impact to our users. We will touch on MDM, SKEL, DEP, and some security projects we implemented at the same time.

Description: We were able to effectively manage our MacOS environment without MDM for a long time. However, changes to the MacOS environment as well as some goals for user experience and security meant it was time to implement MDM. This talk will review our process of moving a medium sized organization from having no MDM solution in place to having MDM fully rolled on MacOS, iOS, and Windows. I’ll talk about our rationale for the move, how we implemented the change, as well as some other security projects we implemented at the same time such as certificate based network access, and moving away from IMAP mail access.

(This session will not be recorded.)

About the speaker

Matthew Schnittker (Twitter: @mschnitt) – Manager, Technology – Walt Disney Animation Studios

Matt Schnittker began his association with Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1998, and currently serves as a Manager in the Platform Engineering department. His first film contribution was on Disney’s ambitious 2000 animated feature, “Dinosaur,” and he most recently worked on the Studio’s feature release, “Ralph Breaks The Internet”. Schnittker has been involved in both traditional 2D, and fully digital 3D animation pipelines across both Systems and Software teams. He has contributed to several Disney patents and won an International 3D Society Lumiere Award for his work on 3D Pipelines.

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