Branding and customizing Munki & Munki Report.

Speakers: Jon Brown

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: A look at how branding can help improve overall adoption rates within your organization. The session will explore and demonstrate the ability that Munki & Munki Report now have to customize its overall appearance to gain user confidence and boost IT credibility.

Description: During the session we hope to outline 3 ways to improve the overall acceptance of computer management software by softening the appearance through branding and customization. The three elements will be
1. Munki – Munki can be branded / themed by altering the CSS and HTML code found in the Managed Software Update core application which can be modified at time of build and deployed. We will show how to create a reusable managed software update theme. Use the munki rebrand script to rebrand the core application and repackage it for deployment as well as more advanced items like changing the core icons in the tab-bar and even adding the slider to other areas of the app. We will share all sample code with participants.
2. Munki Report – Now that Munki Report allows us to override its CSS / JS we can take our theming of the platform to the next level. We will show how to add a logo to the front of the login screen. Customize the login page and how to use the features in version 4 to create cool dashboards for our users. We will share all sample code with participants.
3. Workflow – Discussion on upgrade workflows and how to ensure Munki *(Managed Software Update) customizations work from one release to the next. We will share some migration scripts that we wrote and will make available to participants.
We will take questions and answers.

About the speaker

Jon Brown (Twitter: @thegrovetech) – CEO – Grove Technologies

Jon started Jon Brown Designs & Grove Technologies as a Mac enthusiast and hobbyist. When Konfabulator first hit the scene, thats when the company first started creating widgets for the platform to be used on users desktops.
When Konfabulator was sold to Yahoo, Apple started with their Dashboard environment. Jon quickly adapted his creations for the Apple platform and has been developing ever since.
While the Dashboard environment has taken a back seat to the more popular iOS and OSX Apps as of late, Jon still works actively developing for the Dashboard, iOS and Mac platforms. Most notably the BeFit app for iOS and MacOS.
Jon is an active member of the Mac community, contributing feedback often in the MacAdmins slack channels and working to help non profit organizations in the DC area to help them solve their IT needs.

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