Hands On with DNS Security

Speakers: Ben Greisler

Level: Intermediate, Hands-on (BYOD for attendees)

Excerpt: Get familiar with the techniques used to attack and break DNS.

Description: Participants will get familiar with the tools and techniques used to break DNS. By controlling DNS you control the flow of data and can expose users to security risks. By understanding these tools and techniques you can be better equipped to help mitigate the risks to your data. We will examine man in the middle attacks, DNS redirection and other common methods of controlling DNS.

About the speaker

Ben Greisler (Twitter: @magikben) – Owner – Kadimac Corp

This is the place I am supposed to be telling you how long my history is in the IT/Apple world but AARP decided to send me a membership card today and that is a bit of a buzzkill so let’s just say that I’ve had an opportunity to learn from and stand on the shoulders of some really smart people. I have written books that many of you are familiar with and I have had the honor of speaking to my peers many times in the past. What I really do is help others do their job more easily.

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