Present & Future Managers Rejoice! Your Salvation is at Hand

Speakers: Jim Rispin

Level: All Levels, Lecture

Excerpt: If you attend only one session on management before you die, this should be that session.

Description: Whether you’re already managing a team or planning for the management position of your future, ask yourself, “Do I approach management with the confidence of Batman wearing the Infinity Gauntlet or with the dread of Morty facing down a horde of rampaging Ricks?” Wherever you are on that spectrum, there will be something for you in this session. In fact, I can personally guarantee that this session will be so valuable you’ll be daring yourself to be a better manager by the end of it. You’ll come to marvel at the staggering hubris of the session speaker, but you’ll leave with a whole new perspective on what it means to manage well.

Have I piqued your interest, or at least your morbid curiosity – “Is this guy really that arrogant?!” Good, because here’s some of what you can expect:
* How to create one-on-one meetings so good your team will beg for them. That’s right, beg!
* How to approach performance evaluations like a Boss (pun intended).
* How to care deeply for your team but still be willing to piss them off when the situation requires it.
* How to survive the transition from individual contributor to team builder (i.e. regular grunt to great high muckety-muck).
* How to give positive feedback and criticism that is meaningful, actionable and, dare I say, fist bump-worthy.
* All this and so much more…

About the speaker

Jim Rispin (Twitter: @jimrispin) – Director of ITS – Fuller Theological Seminary

I’ve been an Apple Sales Rep, a webmaster, a tech support grunt, a dishwasher, a radio disc jockey, and even the backup singer of an a cappella Twisted Sister cover band made up of tone deaf Canadians (we were almost on Star Search #alt-fact). These days I’m mostly interested in exploring ways that leadership can serve as a conduit for my team’s success rather than a barrier.

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