From Idea to Script to App: A Beginner’s Journey in macOS App Development

Speakers: Adam Wickert

Level: Fundamental, Lecture

Excerpt: Everything starts with an idea. What I do at work starts with an idea and much of it can be accomplished with a script. Sometimes I can combine scripts and make them more powerful. Then I thought the next step would be to put some of those things into an app to make it easier.

Description: The Idea is the first step, you’ve got some new piece of information you want to collect, or a new settings you want set, or something you want to check. The first way you approach it is to write a script to make it easier and automated. Then you have more things that turn the script into a bigger project. Then the idea strikes you that an app might make it easier to check things on the fly.
This is my journey in learning App Development. I wanted to take some of the settings I set and verify with scripts and make it a one stop shop, check all of the settings and report back to me what is right and wrong in a quick interface. This seemed like a great opportunity to learn macOS App Development. I’ll cover my process in researching tools and what I learned as a beginner learning about the process.

About the speaker

Adam Wickert (Twitter: @atomargyle) – Desktop System Administrator – Hamilton College

A computer enthusiast who went to school for digital video and ended up supporting the Macs he worked on. Currently working in higher education in upstate New York, with experience in .gov. Also, a former Genius.

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